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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

West Georgia Worship Center Official Statement regarding resuming in-person services

Good morning WGWC family, last night the leadership team held a conference call to discuss the recent communication from Governor Kemp related to resuming in-person Church services.

With resuming in-person worship comes specific restrictions and minimum basic operations set forth by the CDC and the “Opening Up America Again Guidelines” that we must adhere to that at this time we are unable to comply with. These restrictions include but are not limited to ensuring that strict social distancing requirements are maintained at 6 feet and sanitization of the facilities after each service. We are working diligently towards obtaining the appropriate supplies to enable us to be compliant with these guidelines, detailed below is a status report of where we are and plans for resuming in-person worship services.

We have placed orders for hand sanitizers, cleaning solutions and cleaning products and as we all know these are difficult to procure and have long lead times, these items are scheduled to be delivered by May 2nd. We have also sourced a sanitation company that will come and perform a full sanitation of the facilities prior to resuming in-person services.

As it relates to social distancing guidelines, we are at or near capacity in our current sanctuary, this is a good problem to have, however it presents us with opportunities when it comes to social distancing. In adhering with the CDC guidance and Phase 1 of the “Opening Up America Again Guidelines”, we will modify the seating arrangement in the Sanctuary such that there will be 6 feet between each row, which in doing so reduces our seating capacity. We also must keep those in our Church family that are at higher risk safe as it relates to COVID-19. In order to manage this when we resume in-person Sunday services we will offer two services on Sundays. The first service will be held at 10:00 am and will be open to members 50 and above only. The second service will be held at 5:00 pm and will be open to members 49 and under. This schedule will allow us to: 1.) Protect our higher risk members and allow them to participate in-person, 2.) Time between services to sanitize the facility and, 3.) Reduce capacity to allow us to follow social distancing guidelines. Live stream of both services will continue.

Wednesday services will continue to be live streamed with only the pastor, the praise team, and band for the near term. We will still offer live streams of every service and the media team continues to work to improve these streams. The praise team and band will be back in place beginning this Wednesday, April 22nd. We can ensure social distancing guidelines are maintained and we have enough supplies currently on hand to sanitize the facilities after each service.

Sunday school, Children’s Church, Nursery and Small Group Ministries in-person activities will remain suspended for the near term.

With all this, we have established a target date of May 3rd to resume in-person Sunday services.

These are incredibly challenging times we are faced with and ensuring we protect the health and safety of our members is especially important to all of us. Although we all share the same great desire to meet again as a Church family, we must do so, not in a fearful fashion, but with a measured and strategic plan. On behalf of the leadership team of WGWC I want to thank you all for continued support of these decisions, although these decisions are tough to make, we make them out of love and compassion for all of you that we serve.

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