Pastor and First Lady

Ricky and Regina Shirley, Pastor & First Lady

Starting the Vision

May 4, 2003 was a historical day in the life of West Georgia Worship Center. It was the day my dream God gave me was birthed into existence. Our church doors opened at The Chatter Box Cafe with 22 people in attendance. I knew if God intended for this to grow then He would have to open another door. On May 18th, 2003, we moved to our second location at the Garner Feed & Seed store in Buchanan.
With our church growing by leaps and bounds, we quickly ran out of space for our congregation. God had opened an opportunity for us to purchase land on the Buchanan Bypass and we were able to pay it off before our third move. Since we were not ready build, we looked for new place. A doctor’s office in Bremen became our third home and with much prayer and discussion, we decided to start building our church on our land.
A building project always brings many decisions and in our case, some heartache and disappointment from banks that would not allow us to borrow money. But God is still able to make doors open that men seem to close and Peoples Bank in Bremen was the door that opened. While working on our new sanctuary, we were told by our landlord that we had to move. This meant that we would need to move sooner than expected. In our minds this seemed to be an impossible taks, but once again God showed us His hand.
We have been our new church for several years now and the building is completely paid off. God is still amazing and we are continuing to grow. We are out of room once again and have just completed our second parking addition. I guess what I am trying to say is that with God all things are possible. West Georgia Worship Center is proof if God is in something, He will work it out.
In Christ
Pastor Ricky Shirley